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It is a city traditionally oriented towards maritime activities, through its fishing and commercial port, civil and military shipyards, facilities Armada or beaches turísticas.Con a population of 68,308 inhabitants, the metropolitan area of ​​Ferrol, known as Ferrolterra , brings together the regions of Ferrol , Eume and Ortegal , with a population of approximately 200,000 people.

Shipyards, founded in the reign of Felipe V , have been for many years the engine of Ferrol and its region. Currently, it is a sector in crisis, but remains one of the points with greater industrial capacity (heavy industry) in Galicia. In Ferrol shipyards are public enterprise Navantia , specialized in building large warships, as well as repair of large vessels (tankers, gas carriers, ferries, etc.) The <420 > Spanish Armada forms one of the pillars of the city of Ferrol. The departmental city is the seat of:
  • 31th Escuadrilla Escort ( Fragatas F-100 series).
  • Specialties School "Antonio de Siege".
  • School Specialties A Graña.
  • North Tertius Marine , which has more than 500 troops.

Commercial and recreational areas in the city par excellence are:
  • Barrio de La Magdalena : Urban City Center, with a grid arrangement, begun in 1761. It was declared historic and artistic in 1983. There are hundreds of commercial establishments in its main streets: Real, Magdalena, Igrexa, Dolores, Galiano and Mary. The presence of businesses in the textile sector, with major multinationals head and hospitality industry. Sun Street is frequented as drinking area and leisure.

  • Carretera de Castilla : Also known as "Estrada de Castela". Approximately two kilometers, as a boulevard with many facilities for all kinds of purchases on both sides, from the Plaza of Spain to the border with the city of Naron .

  • Road Catabois : Also known as "Estrada de Catabois". For more than two kilometers, we can find food stores, decoration, banks, garages, etc. It highlights the number of catering establishments, with dozens of terraces installed on its wide sidewalks.


The Easter in Ferrol , is considered from 2014 and Fiesta of International Tourist Interest . Already he had from 1995 with consideration of Festival of National Tourist Interest Total .A five brotherhoods organized around twenty processions during Holy Week. These are: Venerable, Real and Illustrious Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of Mercy and Our Lady of the Dolores.-Pontifical, Real and Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Lady of Sorrows-Confraternity of the Third Order (also known popularly as "Brotherhood Soledad ") .- Guild Knights of the Holy Entierro.-Guild Mercy.
  • Night of the Pips: It is celebrated on the eve of March 19 (in the evening of the 18th, usually). Various musical groups of Ferrol and its region (known as rondallas), fill the city with his sones, prowling the ferrolanas women who contemplate the spectacle from the balconies of the neighborhood of A Magdalena. Late at night, it takes place a recital of rondallas in the Plaza de Amboage, with the participation of all those who have walked the streets in the afternoon. This celebration has the consideration of Galicia Festival of Tourist Interest.

  • Summer Festival: During the month of August, take place throughout the city, including top-notch musical performances, operetta, outdoor shows, medieval fair and various sporting events. They have their climax on the night of Aug. 31, Day of San Ramón, with a fireworks display by the sea, in honor of the Marqués de Amboage .