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The chapel, built in the sixteenth century, is located on the hillside of the same name and from its atrium, 175 meters above sea level with a magnificent panoramic view of the ferrolana region, with the valley of Serantes in the foreground and the background the city of Ferrol. This chapel has a strange and unusual architecture. For example, do not go ahead but on a side, to which was added an overhang to integrate the pedestal with the statue of the Virgin, called Northwest, which seems to be Romanesque twelfth century. Here a busy pilgrimage is celebrated on Easter Monday since 1628, as thanksgiving to the Virgin for her intercession during a heavy storm.

The pilgrimage of A Virxe de Chamorro is one of the most traditional celebrations in recent years. In this pilgrimage to the patron saint of the city, "Nosa Señora de Nordés", also known as the "Virxe do Chamorro" is honored. Easter Monday is performed.

It seems that the name comes from a fisherman who, castaway, invoked the Virgin of Nordés saying "Xa morro" (I die). Of course, it saved his life.

Although this celebration was created in the 50s, the worship of "Nosa lady Nordés" and comes from the Golden Age, since the formation of the Brotherhood in 1666.

It was always the Virgen de Chamorro venerated by fishermen and people of the sea. The sanctuary is at a high in the manor of Serantellos, an old nautical reference point.

This pilgrimage is an ascent of all ferrolanos and pilgrims from around the hillside. Once up the Mass and various religious ceremonies as offerings to the Virgin is celebrated. When the religious side ends, he begins a journey that lasts country during the day. The place is very well conditioned to spend an unforgettable day pilgrimage.